Who We Are

Play The Crowd(PTC) is an innovative and multifaceted marketing and tech service provider that ensures exposure through traditional and online mediums. PTC creates touchpoint marketing solutions that engage the target consumer both physically and digitally.

What We Do

Play the Crowd creates an interactive environment for companies to attract, connect, and engage clients and customers. We tastefully pair guerilla, media, and digital marketing to create a pleasurable and palatable consumer experience. Our sticky phone applications are designed to maximize customer retention through creative presentation and exciting call to action campaigns. These campaigns are then maximized through exposure via Outdoor, Online, Social Media, Television and Radio marketing mediums; tracked through digital data collection; and measured for efficiency and dynamic delivery.

Our Solutions

Augmented Reality

We develop and white label our app that includes various standard features with the Play The Crowd ecosystem. The app is made available in the ios app store and Google Play. This leads to an immediate activation of a Play The Crowd campaign in a facility.

Event Activations

Privately curated events targeting specific owner or customer demos for brand awareness building, networking, updates and announcements.

Crowd Controller

Play The Crowd Experience was developed to increase experience and marketing. It is available as a white label or through the Play The Crowd general mobile app. This Includes custom graphic design, point and reward, and social integration.

Partner Expansion

Leverage PTC technology and business resources to expand sponsorship opportunities.

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