The Crowdies have landed at an event near you, and they are ready to take over.

Download the game to follow the Crowdies from event to event to build up points from the real life actions  that happen on and off the stage. When the event is over unlock point locations to get bonus points from local businesses and sponsors to redeem for FREE prizes like coupons, t-shirts, and more!


Easy Browsing

Play The Crowd operates smoothly and efficiently. Scrolling through all of the different tasks in order to gain points quick and easy.


3D Content

As users find their way through the task list they will explore 3D Content when time to collect their points.

Points & Rewards

Users gain points to redeem rewards through the app. Simply follow the task list and scan the correct image to get your points!

Task List

Enjoy a task list full of places you may already visit and events you are interested in attending. The task list consists of all the places you are able to receive points.

Compete against other users to unlock special game modes!


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