Play The Crowd!

A gamified platform developed to enhance user engagement through 3D experiences.













It’s fun and entertaining

Guests will experience your venue through 3D entertainment allowing them to be amazed by the content delivered through the mobile app.


New Revenue Source 

Increase income by allowing businesses to have product placement inside the 3D experience.


Data Capture

Collect information from your customers and stay in constant contact with them through the mobile app.
This allows you to understand your customers more and provide them with better service.


Creates Guest Retention

Guest are able to watch and play using content from past events produced with 360 video content.
Guests are able to play and receive points via our Interactive 3D environment


Provides Brand Awareness and Venue Recognition

We design custom 3D content that matches the brand of the venue and will immerse users in a 3D experience.

3D Experiences

Scan The Stage

This 3D Experience happens at a set time during an event. During this time users can hold their phone to the stage to see 3D content, while interacting with a live show orchestrated by the host, DJ, or presenter. The host will connect to users phones from the DJ booth or podium. All user screens will record the performance and presentation so it can be shared to social media after the event.


3D Player

Guests can create a 3D character of themselves at our 3D booth set up at an event. Each character can be branded with the brand that is hosting the event or any other sponsoring brand.

Point Pickup

Users go through the venue to see 3D content branded for the venue, while also being incentivized by winning points along the way.

Watch & Play Live 

The DJ or presenter of the event will live stream through the Play The Crowd Mobile app for those that are watching from outside the venue and play along and win points during the event.





Easy Browsing

Play The Crowd operates smoothly and efficiently. Scrolling through all of the different tasks in order to gain points quick and easy.



3D Content

As users find their way through the task list they will explore 3D Content when time to collect their points.




List your venue in the app in order to create a 3D atmosphere for events held at the venue.





Points & Rewards

Users gain points to redeem rewards through the app. Simply follow the task list and scan the correct image to get your points!



Task List

Enjoy a task list full of places you may already visit and events you are interested in attending. The task list consists of all the places you are able to receive points.



Build up your points to win great prizes, plus check the app for different reward events that may be in your area!