XR Dashboard

Use our XR Broadcast Dashboard to broadcast your brand or product through multiple activations. Assert your activation to different experiences to increase user engagement and drive foot traffic to participating locations! 


Why use our XR Dashboard?

Designed to engage audiences at events and turn locations into active gaming augmented reality experiences

Ability to creatively add sponsorship graphics and animations to experience for additional brand support.

Campaigns are created and posted to the dashboard and can be broadcasted to our network of mixed reality apps

Digital Activations
Boost your Success

The idea of a digital activation is to incentivize guests by earning points during each campaign. The activation is created by the Play The Crowd team and customized by clients. Through our dashboard, clients have the option to be broadcasted to our network of XR apps to boost impressions and increase awareness.

XR App Capabilites

Augmented Reality

We use your real-world environment to place the 3D objects customized for you.

In-App Purchases

Allow users to purchase products in the app


Users earn points as they participate in each experience!

Virtual Reality

We create an interactive experience within a simulated environment, using 3D objects.

Interactive 3D Items

We design interactive 3D items that best suite your brand.

Push Notification

Send notifications to all users about events, upcoming activations, or activations that are getting ready to start


Points are used to redeem prizes from sponsoring businesses in the app.

Multiplayer Games

Coming Soon
Users can play against one another in an XR environment

Scavenger Hunt

Structured scavenger hunt experience that drives movement throughout facilities and to and from locations.