Screen Crowds Reality Series

Screen Scan is a 30 minute reality series. Each episode allows contestants race to get to a location using the Play The Crowd mobile app. When they get to the location they will have to watch a 15 sec video and answer a question. Users that are watching this episode will be able to “Scan The Screen” to see custom branded 3d content and to get points, that can later be used at a redeeming location.


Crowd The Stage Events

We work closely with event staff to create an interactive stage that can be scanned from audience seats and give users points throughout the performance.

Play The Crowd

Video DJ Song Scan

Event goers will be able to scan the Video Dj’s Screen to get points.

Play The Crowd

Crowd Pics

Users are able to print their photos that have been posted TAGGED TO USERS IN REALTIME to instagram from snap-n-frame photo, and hashtagged by themselves. The photo printed out will be scannable to build extra point to get bigger prizes.

Play The Crowd