Play The Crowd

An innovative & multifaceted marketing and tech service provider.

Who we are!

Play the Crowd (PTC) is an innovative and multifaceted marketing and tech service provider that ensures exposure through traditional and online mediums. PTC creates touchpoint marketing solutions that engage the target consumer both physically and digitally.

Play the Crowd creates interactive environment for companies to attract, connect and engage clients and customers.

We tastefully pair

...guerilla, media, and digital marketing to create a pleasurable and palatable consumer experience.

Our sticky phone applications

...are designed to maximize customer retention through creative presentation and exciting call to action campaigns.

Our campaigns are

...tracked through digital data collection; and measured for efficiency and dynamic delivery.

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Crowd Controller

Developed to increase experience and marketing. Best for social marketing and driving foot traffic.

  • Custom Items
  • Custom Environment
  • Host

Additional Activations

  • Live 360 Cam
  • Custom Game
  • Digital Host

Add 3D Items

  • Prize Items
  • Points Items
Pelican SnoballFeatures
Pelican SnoballFeatures

Mixed Reality

Best for day to day business objectives, POS, customer relations & retention, customer service, product delivery, and residual experience!

  • 3 app tabs
  • Unlimited website pulls
    • Video, image, text
    • Sales, Donations, POS
    • Pages (about, home, etc.)
  • Social
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Points & Rewards
  • Data Collection
  • CMS
  • 2 3D Experiences