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Our Activations


The Event Gaming League is an activation platform used in multiple cases like concerts, classroom interaction, mobile visual effects for performances, virtual tours, and much more!

Wingin' It is a live, on location, interactive podcast show. Guests are seated around the interview area and able to interact with their mobile phones during the show.

Key Benefits

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AR / VR 3D Experience App

Get your own 3D experience app, branded with your event, for guests to go through the venue to see AR & VR content while being incentivized to win points along the way! This also gives guests access to an event itinerary with alerts.

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New Revenue Source

Increase income by allowing businesses to have product placement inside the 3D experience.

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Data Capture

For all guests Collect information from your customers and stay in constant contact with them through the mobile app.

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Creates Guest Retention

Guests are able to watch and play using content from past events produced with 360 video content. Guests are able to play and receive points via our Interactive 3D environment

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It’s Fun and Entertaining

Guests will experience your venue through 3D entertainment allowing them to be amazed by the content delivered through the mobile app.

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Provides Brand Awareness & Venue Recognition

We design custom 3D content that matches the brand of the venue and will immerse users in a 3D experience


Need us to staff your activation?

We are committed to making your activation a hassle-free event. With our dedication, we are able to staff your activation with trustworthy and knowledgeable brand ambassadors to service your consumers.

Data Capture

Need data capture for your next activation?

We collect data through our creative user profiles inside of our app platforms.