Specializing in Web 3 Solutions

Play The Crowd:

We can prototype and manufacture any type of device.

Here at Play The Crowd our engineering team prototypes and delivers a wide range of products that are retrofitted for PTC Metaverses. In order to provide a premier gaming experience our engineers develop customized gaming controllers that allows users to PLAY within the Omniverse. Our customized controllers are more responsive and provide each user with an immersive experience and competitive edge. With in house manufacturing  not only do we develop custom game controllers, we have the ability to produce products that can increase crowd engagement and gaming potential. In addition to our custom controllers we produce Branded Google Cardboards and create Smart Merch. 

One of our main goals is to provide an environment where everyone can have access to our Metaverses. With Branded Google Cardboards we provide a solution for those who don’t have access to VR Headsets or have a need for a mass amount of participation within a Metaverse. We have provided Branded Google Cardboards at conferences, tech activations, concerts, and many more experiences.Our clients enjoy the convenience and opportunity to brand another item that their audience can take home with them. 

With the latest design technology PTC artists turn 3D items into “Smart Merch” which produces cutting edge NFT designs. All of our artists are well versed in customized and on-demand mobile application development with a range of blockchain developments. From customized artwork to collectibles, PTC utilizes PLOTabl to trade, collect, and deploy Smart Merch. Smart Merch empowers our clients to customize their Metaverse and increase the value of each collectible item.