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A Web 3.0 Agency

We are a Web 3.0 Agency offering end-to-end solutions with our main offering being “Metaverse as a Service”. Being an agency, we are able to walk customers through every process from ideation and strategy, to development and deployment.

Assets are deployed through our Omniverse, which houses millions of metaverses. We put the power in the creator’s hands by providing a dashboard to control every aspect of the metaverse in REAL time….giving users the ability to “Play The Crowd”.

Our team looks beyond immediate success by capturing and creating roadmaps that lead to infinite content, gameplay, and interactions with users. We provide the tools for each client, allowing them to create a customized Metaverse that supports their ideas and community.


Omniverse Stats


Portals segment the different themes that make up the environments.

0 K

Each portal houses Rings which hold each different Metaverse environment.


Plots make up the land available to build/develop on.

0 M

Total amount of plots available throughout the entire Omniverse.


We Build...You OWN

Our team will build you a custom environment that will be activated via gameplay and storylines. We give you the tools to monetize your content.

NFTs 93%
Strategy and Execution 88%
Metaverses 97%
Virtual Land 100%
Recent Work

Our Work

Here are some examples of the work we’ve done and the services we provide.

PTC NFT Factories

NFT Factory with Mariano Rivera

Our team produced an inclusive event with Hall of Fame pitcher Mariano Rivera. By using our motion capture (mo-cap) suits, we were able to create custom one-of-a-kind NFTs of Rivera’s pitching motion and grips, in addition to a variety other multi purposed content.

Custom Motion Capture Sessions

Use our motion capture suits to produce accurate and life-like content. Click the link below for more information on rates and availability.

Custom NFT and 3D Development

Our team develops custom NFTs for our clients that help accentuate and amplify their brand.

Metaverse Environment Creation

We create hi-res environments that are enhanced and monetized by gameplay and storylines.

The Agency Approach

Why an Agency?

Our approach allows us to walk customers through every step of the process helping them understand how to fully utilize and implement the assets and experiences we are building for them. With a strong understanding of the ROI strategies, we excel in helping clients monetize every aspect of their environment. In addition, we consult and educate our clients on the options available to them and how to implement those solutions to maximize the KPIs for their brand.

End-to-End Support

Having the full team in-house gives us the ability to strategize and execute in dynamic environments while allowing for immediate support when it comes to tech.

Tech Expansion

We help your see around corners helping you to understand the new tech we implement and how it will be beneficial to your project.

Real-time Collaboration

By controlling both the creative process and the development/deployment of projects, we have the unique ability to produce active (real-time) roadmaps that can be adjusted on the fly giving ultimate flexibility.